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07 March
by Brant 7. March 2012 23:13

Spring Break is nearly upon us and for many that means vacations to warmer climates. Personally, I will be spending my Spring Break in Arizona enjoying the 80 degree temperature and clear skies. It’s been a long winter full of cold weather and little sun exposure so this is going to be quite the change. Because of this, there are a few things for me to consider regarding my health; anyone planning a trip to a land of sunshine should take note. I plan to spend just about as much time as possible in the sun which means I am going to have to pay special attention to sun screen application. On top of that, I will be making sure that I drink more than enough water to make sure that the dry heat of Arizona does not dehydrate me. Check out this website for more info on proper water consumption:

Beyond preparing for the heat and sun, there are couple other aspects of my wellbeing that I plan on watching out for. This is a vacation for me and I am staying in a hotel, I plan on doing everything I can to be financially healthy by avoiding eating at restaurants too many times and taking advantage of cheap healthy food whenever possible.

The last thing I want to warn about is general safety. Spring Break can be a time that college students use to cut loose with their friends, but everyone should make sure they are being safe by making sure they designate sober drivers if people plan on drinking. Also, make sure you are respecting your body by always drinking in moderation.

If you do have a Spring Break trip planned this year, please be safe and healthy. If your Spring Break plans are spending some quality time at home, make sure you stay active and plan some fun activities with friends and family so that you can make the most out of this quality relaxation time. No matter what your plans are, take advantage of this break so we can all recharge and gear up for the rest of the school year back in Pullman.

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